Rubber Mulch Vs. Wood Mulch

Used in many of the same ways by homes and businesses, rubber mulch and wood mulch are actually very different materials. To help you know which to use, here is a look at rubber mulch vs. wood mulch and why it matters.

What Is Rubber Mulch?
Made of recycled tires, rubber mulch makes good use of materials that already exist and were going to be thrown away. The hundreds of millions of tires that get discarded each year create durable, useful mulch that has great shock absorption and versatile uses.

Advantages of Rubber Mulch
As far as the benefits of choosing rubber mulch over wood mulch, here are a few of the strongest selling points:

  • Greater shock absorption than wood mulch, gravel or sand
  • Doesn’t attract termites or ants
  • Reduces mold and weed growth
  • Durable enough to last through the lifetime of your home or other site
  • Repurposes used tires, minimizing waste
  • Works well in playgrounds, horse arenas, landscaping beds, etc.

It’s true that rubber mulch tends to be more expensive than wood mulch, but its longevity and durability makes up for that initial cost. Use rubber mulch, and you don’t have to re-spread every few years. Instead, you have a surface that can last 10 years or even up to the lifetime of your home.

What Is Wood Mulch?
Made from the shredded bark of trees, dyed woods, old pallets and/or other wood materials, wood mulch is an organic material that compacts and breaks down over time. While this breakdown can create some long-term benefits for soil, it can also release carbon that ends up stealing needed nitrogen from plants.

Benefits of Wood Mulch
Compared to rubber mulch, wood mulch offers a few key benefits, such as:

  • Cheaper upfront cost
  • Organic material
  • Ideal for settings with delicate plants

When it comes to rubber mulch vs. wood mulch, always think about the potential toxicity of materials. In some cases where mulch has been made from repurposed wood, wood mulch may contain arsenic and creosote. At the same time, rubber mulch has potential to hold chemicals that can affect soil or tiny wires used in radial tires that can get mixed in with the repurposed mulch. To avoid danger in wood mulch, you must look for mulch strictly made from tree bark instead of repurposed wood. To avoid danger in rubber mulch, always look for wire-free mulch products.

Finding Rubber Mulch at Perfect Rubber Mulch
Because of its superior shock absorbency, durability, sustainability and resistance to everything from termites to mold, rubber mulch is a great choice for landscaping and other surfaces. At Perfect Rubber Mulch, we are pleased to offer low prices, dependable service and various colors in our mulch, which can be shipped anywhere you like.

Search online to learn more about our rubber mulch — or contact us today to talk about options for your site!

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