Is Rubber Mulch Safe?

From a horse farm to a playground, when you’re looking for a good surfacing option, you may have some questions about rubber mulch. Just how safe is rubber mulch in terms of shock absorbance, for example? Is rubber mulch toxic or dangerous in any way? What happens if your dog chews on it — will the mulch hurt it? What happens if your kids fall — will rubber mulch cushion them? How does rubber mulch compare to other options? Does it make sense for your site?

To help answer these questions, here’s a look at the basics of rubber mulch and why it is indeed such a safe, reliable option for surfaces of many kinds.

Rubber Mulch Safety: What You Need to Know

To provide a little more understanding about the safety of rubber mulch, here are a few of its key features:

  • Made of quality materials: At Perfect Rubber Mulch, our mulch is made from 100 percent recycled rubber tires, and our International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association-certified product line is 99.9 percent free from wires, making it safe not only for animals, but also people.
  • Non-toxic: There have been no toxicological concerns related to rubber mulch, and it’s been shown to have no negative health affects related to its use.
  • Government approved: Our mulch is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and non-toxic. Even the White House went with recycled rubber mulch in its playground.
  • Shock absorbent: Rubber mulch is an ideal solution anywhere that shock absorbency matters. A softer, safer surface for military applications, kids’ playgrounds and more, it provides a better landing place for falls.

Basically, whether you’re looking for a surface to protect against injuries when kids fall, a surface that pets can accidentally chew on without being in danger, and/or the same surface approved of and used by the government, rubber mulch is the answer. This safe and attractive surfacing option works effectively in all kinds of settings.

Benefits of Choosing Rubber Mulch

In addition to its non-toxic materials and government ratings, rubber mulch offers a variety of benefits that make it a top choice at horse arenas, in landscaping beds, at playgrounds, in military obstacle courses and more. Consider some of its biggest features:

  • Cushions against falls
  • Blocks weeds
  • Retains moisture
  • Looks attractive
  • Lasts for years
  • Is priced affordably
  • Is available in multiple colors
  • Ships quickly and conveniently

At its very heart, recycled rubber mulch is a surface chosen for its safety. It protects against serious injuries from falls, and, more than that, it reduces the risk of injuries in the first place. Made of recycled tires and regularly studied for safety, rubber mulch has been shown to pose no serious health risks — that’s why it’s a great option for your site!

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