Rubber Mulch Landscaping

So, you’ve decided to get some landscaping done. Great! But, what now? There are decisions to be made, none more important than what material to use as a landscape cover, and there are several factors to consider:

You need a material that is easy on the eyes but is also durable. In addition, you need one that is of high quality, yet you want the material to be environment-friendly. We have exactly what you need – Rubber Mulch for Landscaping.

What is rubber mulch Landscaping?

Rubber mulch is but a type of mulch made from recycled tires, only it is far superior to any other kind of mulch. And rubber mulch for landscaping, as you may have already guessed, makes use of rubber mulch as the landscape cover. Initially, rubber mulch was used primarily for building playgrounds, but it has since gained immense popularity in the world of landscaping because of features that make it the ideal candidate for a landscape cover.

Key Features offered by Perfect Rubber Mulch

    1. Made from 100% Recycled TyresWe don’t want to be the ones leaving a large carbon footprint, which is why we create our mulch material from recycled tires. Better yet, it is also 99.9% wire-free.
    2. DurableYou don’t want to be that person complaining about having to redo their landscaping because wood mulch fades quickly and needs to be replaced year after year.  You won’t be if you use Perfect Rubber Mulch. Rubber Mulch is built to last years, withstand weather changes and not change complexion over time.
    3. Low MaintenanceUnlike plant mulches, Perfect Rubber Mulch does not attract wood-destroying insects and therefore requires no effort on your part to keep it in pristine condition.
    4. Numerous design choicesPerfect Rubber Mulch comes in many forms and colors. Rubber Mulch is the way to go if you don’t want to be stifled by limited choices.
    5. Borders that completed the lookAs much as we are focused on providing safety to our customers, we also want them to have an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Getting Borders around your landscape will complete the look and help drain the water as we offer borders with drainage holes in it.

Benefits of Using Rubber Mulch Landscaping from Perfect Rubber Mulch

    1. Weed Blocking Rubber mulch covers the ground completely, with 50% less material than would have been used if you had chosen wood mulch. This makes it impossible for any sunlight to get in, which in turn hampers weed growth.
    2. Increased Moisture Retention
      Rubber Mulch does not trap any water or nutrients and allows it to pass directly onto the ground, thereby allowing your plants to remain healthy.
    3. Hinder Mold and Fungi GrowthRubber Mulch does not provide a surface conducive to fungi infestation, nor does it attract insects. Allergies brought about by fungi and insects are the last thing you have to worried about if you choose rubber mulch
    4. Rubber Mulch Landscape can Survive all WeathersBe it snow, rain, or heat – rubber mulch is the perfect product that won’t get affected by the changing weather.
    5. Beautiful LandscapeWith a variety of rich landscaping colors to choose from, rubber mulch can complement any landscape design. Your landscape will always look beautiful!

Rubber Mulch is the top choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing landscape cover. We’ve made our case, it’s now time for you to make your decision. And if you’re to ask us, deciding on using a fully EPA-approved, ADA-compliant, non-toxic, and IPEMA-certified is quite an easy one to make.

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