Landscaping Borders And Mats

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Playground Borders

The Ultimate playground barrier. A Playground Border helps to keep debris out and your rubber mulch inside the playground.

What is a Playground Mat?

Playground Mats are made from recycled rubber and placed below the swing and the bottom of slides where children can kick rubber mulch away; in addition, they provide a stable, stay-in-place surface for your children’s playground.  They prevent any bare areas from appearing.

Key Features Offered by Perfect Rubber Mulch Borders and Mats

  • Designed to be Durable
  • Playground Borders and Mats can survive any weather – be it snow, rain, or the summer heat. Both the products can last for years, and even the colors will resist fading for years.
  • Playground Mats has beveled edges.
  • What is the main reason for children getting injured while playing? Tripping. However, Perfect Rubber Mulch solved this problem for your children. Our playground mats have beveled edges which helps prevent your children from falling.
  • Products always made from 100 Percent Recycled Rubber.
  • We are a company that is centric towards the environment and safety. We take pride in contributing to a healthier environment day after day. Hence, all our products are produced from one hundred percent recycled rubber.
  • Products come in Different Sizes.
  • Depending on your playground area, you can simply order the border size you want. It is available in 4, 6, and 8-inch heights.
  • Provides Extra Safety to Your Children
  • We are very keen on providing a safe environment for your children. Through our long-lasting and versatile playground borders and mats, your children will get the security they need—no worrying about mud, insects, or tripping.
  • Easy Installation
  • How to install a Mat? Quite simple! Just put it there.
    How to install a Border? All borders come with spikes recessed and covered with a matching rubber plug to keep them in place and your children safe.

Explore our different products available and give your family a fun and safe environment. Call us on 800-918-3357 to request a quote or fill the form here.

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