Playground Tiles


The plain, simple dull color tiles can become monotonous after a specific time. So why not opt for safe, colorful, slip-resistant, and durable tiles? Playground tile is a perfect choice for installing over hard surfaces.

Why Playground Tiles?

Playground Tiles are made of recycled rubber which provides a safe shock-absorbent surface to protect children.

Features Offered by Perfect Rubber Mulch Playground Tiles

  • Available in Different Sizes
  • Different playgrounds have different measurements, so do our playground tiles. We offer two different sizes: Choose the tile size and thickness that fits best for your playground.
  • Provide Long-Lasting Color
  • Choose five long-lasting colors to beautify your play area.
  • Requires Low Maintenance
  • Installation is easy, using an included interconnecting dowel and glue system while laying over hard surfaces or a prepared stone base.
  • Playground Tiles are Slip Resistant
  • Seamless surface with excellent traction to help keep kids safe from slips. Parents can rest assured that kids can run, jump and play with a soft, non-slip, durable surface under their feet.
  • Provides Extra Safety to Your Children
  • We are very keen on providing a safe environment for your children. Through our long-lasting and versatile playground borders and mats, your children will get the security they need—no worrying about mud, insects, or tripping.
  • Durable
  • Made from sustainable recycled rubber, it provides year after year of high quality, colorful and safe surfacing.

Wait no more and order the tiles of your choice. If you want to get a quote, you can also email us or go to the ‘Request a Quote’ section.

Playground Add-Ons

Rubber Curbs

Excellent for creating clean lines, rubber curbs can be used to border playgrounds and other outdoor areas. One of the greatest advantages is that they are bendable and interlocking, giving you the freedom to create any shape for your custom project.

Rubber Mulch Mats

Add an extra level of cushion to your playground with our rubber mulch mats. They do not just protect against hard falls, they are great at preventing displacement of mulch under swings or at the bottom of slides where landing or dragging of feet typically occurs.

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