Playground Rubber Mulch


If we look at the parents around us, there is one thing common in the new age parents: the need to protect their children. Gen-Z and millennial parents want their children to play outside. Rubber mulch has many uses, but the first and foremost is to provide your children with the safest playground surface available.

What is a Playground Rubber Mulch?

Before we dive deep into the detail, it is essential that you fully understand what Playground Rubber Mulch is.

Rubber Mulch is a surface cover spread over the soil as a top layer. Usually, it has a water-permeable landscaping fabric between the ground to make it a complete playgroundWeber mulch to decorate their outdoors. At the same time, many use it for landscaping mulch.

Key Features Offered by Perfect Rubber Mulch

    1. Extra Cushioning of Playground Rubber Mulch
      Our main priority is to keep the children safe. Rubber Mulch for playgrounds is the safest playground surfacing on the market today. It absorbs the shock as the rubber mulch cushioning provides the support a child might need when he or she falls.
    2. Made from Hundred Percent Recycled Tires
      We are proud to be called a company that uses 100 % recyclable products. Above everything, our belief and motto are that safety and the environment come first. Therefore we keep in mind that people could use our rubber mulch for playground safety and landscaping mulch that keeps its color year after year.
    3. Playground Rubber Mulch Comes in Different Colors
      Playgrounds are supposed to be a haven for children. Hence, we thought, what do children love the most and at the same time increase their curiosity? Colors and a beautiful environment around them. Therefore, we offer our little customers a choice of colors. Pick redwood, blue, brown, or green.
    4. We Provide Borders and Mats
      We offer rubber borders/curbs and rubber mulch swing/slide mats to make your playground complete. It helps with additional safety but also increases the beauty of playgrounds.
    5. Rubber Mulch is Extremely Durable
      Some people might wonder what we offer is just another playground surface, but that’s not the case. Our playground rubber Mulch is durable and will last for years, and includes a 12-year color lock warranty.

Benefits of Using Playground by Perfect Rubber Mulch

    1. We Provide a Safe environment for children
      As parents, you will want your children to be in a safe environment all the time. Why not on the playground as well? With our playground rubber mulch, your kids will be playing on the safest playground surfacing available today: only smiles and happy memories for everyone.
    2. Playground Rubber Mulch Helps Prevent the Growth of Weeds
      One of the major drawbacks of having grass, wood, or sand playgrounds is the weeds that come along with them. For each new season, there is a different type of weed that grows. With Perfect Rubber Mulch, there will be fewer issues of such kind.
    3. Rubber Mulch Does Not Attract Insects
      Grass and wood playground surfaces will attract insects.
    4. Our Playground Has A Longer Durability
      The quality of products we use to create the playground is hundred percent pure and authentic rubber mulch, thus increasing the playgrounds’ durability. Whereas some playgrounds need a maintenance check every six months, or some need to be replaced after two years, rubber mulch playgrounds will last for years. Isn’t that a deal worth buying?
    5. Multi-Purpose
      Our product is multi-purpose and used as the safest playground surfacing, beautiful landscaping mulch, equestrian footing, and training ground surfacing.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our products and pricing and buy them as soon as you can. Why? Because your kids deserve the safest playground surfacing, and you will be helping the environment as well!  Your landscaping will look tremendous with the long-lasting, rich color and ability of rubber mulch.

Playground Add-Ons

Rubber Curbs

Excellent for creating clean lines, rubber curbs can be used to border playgrounds and other outdoor areas. One of the greatest advantages is that they are bendable and interlocking, giving you the freedom to create any shape for your custom project.

Rubber Mulch Mats

Add an extra level of cushion to your playground with our rubber mulch mats. They do not just protect against hard falls, they are great at preventing displacement of mulch under swings or at the bottom of slides where landing or dragging of feet typically occurs.

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