Why You Should Put Down Rubber Mulch This Spring

Spring is around the corner — and, with it, the opportunity to make your property’s landscaping fresh and beautiful. At the time of year when you already have topics like what yard updates to make and what flowers to plant on your mind, here’s something else worth considering: Why use rubber mulch? The fact is, […]

Top Mulching Mistakes

When you’re looking to lay mulch, you need to know the proper mulching techniques in order to avoid making major mulching mistakes. Whether you’re adding mulch to a commercial park, community garden or front yard, it’s all too easy to innocently put mulch in a bed where it ends up killing bulbs or overdoing it […]

Rubber Mulch Vs. Wood Mulch

Used in many of the same ways by homes and businesses, rubber mulch and wood mulch are actually very different materials. To help you know which to use, here is a look at rubber mulch vs. wood mulch and why it matters.

What Is Rubber Mulch?
Made of recycled tires, rubber mulch makes good use of materials […]

Is Rubber Mulch Safe?

From a horse farm to a playground, when you’re looking for a good surfacing option, you may have some questions about rubber mulch. Just how safe is rubber mulch in terms of shock absorbance, for example? Is rubber mulch toxic or dangerous in any way? What happens if your dog chews on it — will […]

Playground Safety Standards And Why They Matter

Swings, slides and climbing equipment capture children’s imaginations while they are at a playground, but if you are a parent or guardian, playground safety is everything. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) publishes safety information for public playground sites, designed to minimize the risks and incidences of playground-related injuries. The information is based on […]

Using Rubber Arena Footing In Equestrian Rings

Riders know that equestrian arena footing can make all the difference to the health and performance capabilities of their horses. Competing horses on uneven terrain can cause additional wear and tear on ligaments, tendons and joints. Alternatively, riding horses on footing that is too deep or hard can produce bone bruises, strained ligaments and sore muscles. With […]

How To Install Rubber Mulch

Installing rubber mulch is as easy as installing traditional mulch — but with the added benefits that come from choosing a recycled material with shock absorbency, durability, and resistance to weeds and wind. Whether you’re new to rubber mulch installation or already have a rough idea of how to install rubber mulch at a property, […]

10 Halloween DIY Projects

Nothing says ‘last-minute’ better than Halloween DIY projects. After spending a little time on Pinterest, you’d be surprised how many common household items can be re-purposed into cobwebs, pumpkins, and other creepy décor. Check out our entire Halloween DIY board here and discover additional fun, quick, and inexpensive projects in case you didn’t have time […]

7 Upcycling Hacks for Organization – DIY

7 Upcycling Hacks for Organization

When I had to cleaning my room as a child, my brothers and I would sometimes invent little games to play while we put our toys away. We would imagine ourselves as various cartoon characters, superheroes, or Power Rangers, and our cleaning would be elevated to a heroic task. As the […]

Playground Safety Tips