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It’s never been easier to purchase rubber mulch online. With Perfect Rubber Mulch, you can shop rubber mulch by state on this page, select the color you desire, and check out securely in a matter of minutes. Our quick and simple ordering process is designed to be convenient — so you can buy rubber mulch online and rest easy that it’s on its way. Whether you’re in California or Massachusetts, Florida or Illinois, Perfect Rubber Mulch is here to connect you with the mulch you need. Order rubber mulch online today!

Ways to Use Rubber Mulch

From adding safety to a playground to weed-resistance to landscaping, rubber mulch is the answer. Here are some of the best and most common applications for this product:

  • Creating durable padding at a playground
  • Adding safety to places where kids play
  • Making a sustainable surface choice in landscaping
  • Adding weed resistance to flower beds
  • Our horse footing products provide comfort and safety to horses
  • Creating an ideal solution for shooting ranges and military applications

Why Order From Perfect Rubber Mulch?

As the nation’s leading provider of recycled rubber mulch, Perfect Rubber Mulch is proud to be the place for you to go for quality surfacing solutions. In business since 2006, we make our mulch from only USA recycled tires — giving you a great, eco-friendly choice. Our mulch is:

  • Cost-effective, offered at wholesale rates
  • Low-maintenance, requiring almost no upkeep over time
  • Wind-resistant
  • Weed-resistant
  • Durable enough to last 10+ years
  • Available in various colors, from black to brown to green

For orders under 8,000 lbs. we make Ordering Online a simple process.

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