Rubber Mulch for Shooting Ranges

Rubber Mulch for the Military

Our recycled rubber mulch is the perfect surfacing option for military and police training applications. From basic training, obstacle and ropes courses, to combat training pits; rubber mulch has been proven to drastically reduce injuries sustained during basic training.

Its high shock absorbency also makes it a great surface option for rappel towers and parachute pits.

Best Rubber Mulch® is a leading supplier of bulk rubber mulch, offering discount pricing for all government facilities at the local, state of federal level.

Our durable rubber mulch is clean, non-toxic and skid-proof, creating a cost-effective solution for all your military training needs.

Durable, Safe and Low Maintenance

Rubber mulch is one of the most effective materials for a shooting range backstop. Our selection of mulch virtually eliminates ricochets, because rubber better encapsulates the bullets, absorbing the shock.

In addition to stopping ricochets, supply from Best Rubber Mulch® significantly reduces lead dust and noise.

Our mulch is perfect for shooting ranges of all types, including:

  • Pistol Ranges
  • Rifle Ranges
  • Indoor and Outdoor Ranges

Best Rubber Mulch® provides high quality mulch, which is 99.9% wire free. It’s non-toxic, odor free and requires minimal maintenance.

Buy rubber mulch online for your military surfacing applications.
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