Rubber Mulch for City, County, & State Parks

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Cost Effective Mulches for Playgrounds and Landscaping

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Best Rubber Mulch® offers the most affordable landscape surfacing option for city, county, or state park. Our colored rubber mulch options are a worthwhile, sensible investment for any park looking to provide vibrant surfacing around their information centers and on their park playgrounds. Engineered to be the best surfacing material for parks, rubber mulch is safe for the environment and won’t need to be replaced for years.

Parks are natural environments and can continue to be healthy places for animals and plants thanks to the properties of our rubber mulch. Non-toxic, virtually wire free, and ASTM safety standard compliant, our rubber mulch can be used confidently in any city, county, or state parks. Rubber mulch allows water to trickle down to plant roots while deterring weeds and pests.

Impress Visitors with Safe and Colorful Rubber Mulch

Park coordinators and rangers responsible for finding perfect garden, playground, and other landscaping surfacing options rely on rubber mulch for the best first impressions, year round. Wood chips are dry and easily washed away while traditional mulch can attract unwanted pests like termites.

Rubber mulch is the safest and most practical surfacing option you can choose for your park and is available in a variety of colors. It makes park playgrounds easy to enjoy without the risk of extreme injury and can make a lasting impression on visitors who appreciate the splash of color rubber mulch can offer.

Aside from being safe and decorative, rubber mulch is a cost-effective landscaping option for parks. With the ability to withstand powerful winds and rain without being pushed out of flower beds, rubber mulch can last years without needing to be replaced. This gives city, county, and state parks the opportunity to spend their budget on other landscaping needs they may have instead of applying new mulch around the park every year. The ability rubber mulch has to fight weed growth and retain moisture can help parks expand their budget to other needs outside of landscaping.

The advantages of rubber mulch make it easy to see why so many parks across the U.S. make the investment once instead of buying new mulch and wood chips every year. Our rubber landscaping surfacing material is attractive and features fall protection for safety. Impress visitors and tourists of your park with the durable, visually appealing rubber surfacing products available nationwide from Best Rubber Mulch®.

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