Rubber Mulch for Non-Profits

Landscaping and Playground Surfacing Options for Non-Profit Organizations

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Whether your non-profit organization provides disaster relief or humanitarian aid or promotes active, healthy lifestyles, get the best landscape surfacing solutions at the best price for your facility. Keeping your flowerbeds healthy and your playgrounds safe gives a good first impression to visitors and those using your services.

When landscaping garden beds, surfacing playgrounds, and newly rebuilt backyards, using rubber mulch is an excellent solution for the people you are helping. Available in a number of colors, rubber mulch is constructed to be the best surfacing material for every non-profit helping surface properties around the United States. Rubber mulch is highly durable and can be installed confidently since it won’t need to be replaced for years.

Families being given a new home deserve non-toxic surfacing solutions for their yards and gardens. When heading to their nearest community gym, children cannot be exposed to mulch containing wire on the playground. Best Rubber Mulch® offers the best surfacing option for non-profit organizations because our rubber mulch is non-toxic, virtually wire free, and ASTM safety standard compliant.

Non-Profit Organizations Benefit from Rubber Mulch Surfacing

Unlike the YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, or Salvation Army, Best Rubber Mulch® is a for-profit company. We understand the best way to make a profit is by offering the best surfacing products in the industry. We rely completely on the quality of our rubber mulch. We are the best because our products are engineered to last year round in a number of different landscaping applications. From flower beds to playgrounds, rubber mulch is the best decision any not-for-profit organization can make for their facility or the people they are helping.

The coordinators and volunteers involved in non-profit organizations have the freedom to choose between many different surfacing options for the properties they’re restoring and the facilities they operate out from. Traditional mulch and wood chips are high maintenance surfacing choices with the inability to deliver on long term use. Easily washed away, wood chips and traditional mulch attract pests and don’t give you the flexibility rubber mulch does.

Available in black, red, green, blue, brown, and unpainted, rubber mulch can make not-for-profit companies’ playgrounds a brighter, more fun environment for kids and allows homeowners to put their personal touches on their new garden. Colorful rubber mulch makes a positive, lasting impression on those who play on it and is effortlessly cared for by non-profits and property owners who want to focus on rebuilding their lives and not landscaping.

Able to withstand powerful winds and rain, rubber mulch lasts for years after being installed. With the ability to fight weed growth and keep moisture locked in the soil, rubber mulch saves non-profits and their clients money on landscaping long term. The benefits of rubber mulch highlight why non-profit companies love to use it not only on their projects but around their own centers and facilities as well.

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