Rubber Mulch for Homeowners’ Associations

Alternative Playground Surfacing and Landscaping Material for HOAs

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While some HOAs are more restrictive than others, many will allow rubber mulch as a playground surfacing or landscaping material. Best Rubber Mulch® provides bulk orders in a variety of colors. Find out if your HOA requires a neutral or natural color of mulch (such as brown, redwood, or black) or if it will allow one of our fun, vibrant rubber mulch colors (like green or blue). Rubber mulch provides safe and durable surfaces for Homeowners’ Association playgrounds across the U.S.

HOAs understand the importance of safety. Our rubber mulch is non-toxic, virtually wire-free, and offers fall protection up to 12 feetdepending on the depth. Rubber mulch is clean and low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to replace or rake the mulch every year like you usually have to do with wood chips. Rubber mulch doesn’t heat up in the summer sun or freeze in the winter. Unlike other playground surfaces, rubber chips won’t compress, harden, rot, or fade.

Homeowners’ Association Landscaping Guidelines

Rubber mulch is also perfect for flowerbeds, gardens, and other landscaping. It deters weeds and pests and stays put in windy or rainy weather. Rubber chips allow water and nutrients to reach your plants’ roots while protecting against the beating sun.

The numerous benefits of rubber mulch make it the best material for playgrounds and landscaping. If you don’t know your HOA’s requirements for playground and landscaping mulch, check the CC&Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) in your closing documents or ask the HOA directly to ensure you follow all landscape guidelines.

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