Rubber Mulch for Horse Arenas

Equestrian Rubber Mulch is the Ideal Surface for Riding, Show Jumping, and Dressage

Best Rubber Mulch® provides high quality, non-toxic, durable equestrian arena footing at cost-effective prices. Our 100% recycled rubber mulch provides secure, dust-free footing, reducing the strain on both the riders and their horses. The resilient, pliable surface protects the horse’s bones/joints, and drastically lowers the chance of injury to the rider if they fall. Choose from our selection of colors to find the one which best suits your arena, and enjoy the many benefits of maintenance free rubber mulch.

You don’t have to worry about attracting pesky insects, excessive dust, rotting or deterioration with rubber mulch. It will hold up, even with rigorous daily use, while looking great for many years.

Equestrian Arena Footing Coverage

Best Rubber Mulch® offers arena filling in bulk orders or in 1 ton super sacks at highly affordable prices. To make the most effective footing, we recommend a 11/2:1, 2:1 , 21/2:1 or 3:1 sand/rubber mulch ratio depending on the type of riding; there should always be more sand than rubber mulch. Find out exactly how much rubber mulch per square foot you need to get the proper depth for your rubber arena footing.

Order Bulk Rubber Chips for Horse Arenas

If you need more than 6 tons of mulch, get a FREE quote on the cost of bulk rubber footing for horse arenas from Best Rubber Mulch®. Rubber chips make the best riding arena footing. Our mulch is virtually wire free, providing a strong, soft footing which will last through many seasons of riding.

Excessive stress on joints and bones from repeatedly trotting, jumping and performing on hard surfaces can cause injuries, especially with prolonged exposure. Both horses and riders perform better, for longer periods of time, with fewer injuries on rubber mulch surfaces. Rubber mulch is one of the most effective impact-attenuating surface materials, tested and certified by ASTM.

Protect your animals and riders by investing in high quality arena surfacing from Best Rubber Mulch®.

Order rubber mulch for equestrian arena footing.
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