Rubber Mulch for Day Cares

Rubber Surfacing Brightens the Playground and Keeps Children Safe

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When you are given the responsibility of supervising and caring for someone else’s child, you need to give them the safest environment possible—not only for their benefit but for yours as well. Accidental scrapes and bruises from hard surfaces can hurt your business. Best Rubber Mulch® offers day cares the best playground surfacing materials. Designed for safety and long-term use, it’s an essential, affordable, and worthwhile investment for your business.

Even if you’re the best and most responsible child care facility around, there are always times young kids slip away from your sight and do things they shouldn’t. Whether a child falls or chews on the rubber mulch, the durable, non-toxic, and ASTM safety standard compliant rubber mulch helps keep them safe from harm.

Child Care Playground Flooring Ideas

Although wood chips, gravel, sand, and Pour N’ Play are popular playground surfaces, they have many drawbacks and often do more harm than good. They compress into hard surfaces and lose their shock absorbency over time. Sand and wood chips attract pests. The advantages of rubber mulch over these other surfacing materials make it the ideal playground flooring. Rubber mulch is a realistic and comprehensive surfacing solution for preventing injuries.

As one of the best surfacing material options available to you, rubber mulch provides excellent fall protection and year-round safety. Rubber mulch lasts through winter and summer months without freezing, cracking, and breaking or being too hot to walk on. It is heavy enough to resist being washed or blown away by the weather.

Day Care Landscaping with Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch for landscaping works as well as natural wood mulch without the drawbacks of rot, deterioration, and pests. Keep the flowerbeds or gardens at your day care center healthy and vibrant with rubber mulch.

Rubber mulch is the best surfacing material product available. Day cares around the nation benefit from the 12 feet of fall protection. Rubber mulch will serve your needs through years of use. Whether you’re a residential or commercial day care, rubber mulch won’t surprise you with any unwanted side effects.

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