Rubber Mulch for Churches

Safe, Vibrant Playground Surfacing and Landscaping Material for Church Exteriors

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Churches around the country choose rubber mulch for playgrounds as the safest option. Church playgrounds are a great way for children to release their energy after trying to sit still for so long during services, Sunday school, and other church events. If your church includes a day care center, keep your young guests safe on the playground with rubber mulch surfacing.

Rubber mulch also makes an excellent landscaping material, providing the same benefits of natural mulch without the drawbacks. Get a fast, free quote on bulk orders of rubber mulch, or order rubber mulch online to begin improving your church grounds and play areas.

Church Playground Ideas

When choosing a church playground surfacing material, you’ll come across options like wood chips, pea gravel, Pour N’Play, and sand. These options compress into a hard surface over time, losing most of their shock absorbency. Sand and wood chips tend to attract pests, and sand gets extremely hot in the sun.

Although wood chips for churches used to be one of the most popular options, rubber mulch is a safer, more vibrant option. With fall protection up to 12 feet, rubber mulch helps prevent and reduce injuries from falls while running, climbing, and jumping around. Unlike pea gravel, Pour N’ Play, and sand surfaces, rubber mulch is a safe surfacing material for playgrounds.

This non-toxic and durable church playground surfacing will last through years of daily use and reduce the risk of scrapes, bruises, cuts, and even broken bones on your playground. Playground rubber mulch is virtually wire-free and extremely shock-absorbent. It will never compress into a hard surface and does not require routine care or replacement.

Resistant to temperature extremes, rubber mulch can last through winters and summers without freezing or becoming too hot to play on. Unlike wood chips, rubber mulch never decays or rots, even after a decade of being exposed to the elements. Our environment-conscious, odor free rubber mulch has a lower price tag than most big box stores and offers the playground safety you need.

Landscaping Church Grounds with Rubber Mulch

Not only is rubber mulch one of the safest options for playground surfacing, but it also mimics the appearance and benefits of natural wood mulch without any of the drawbacks. Incorporate rubber mulch into your church landscaping designs.

Rubber landscape mulch:

  • Allows water and nutrients in
  • Protects against pests, weeds, and excessive temperatures
  • Is heavy enough not to wash away or be blown away
  • Is available in natural or vibrant colors to complement existing landscaping
  • Use rubber mulch for landscaping your church grounds’ flower beds or gardens.
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