Residential Rubber Mulch

Make your Backyard Safer and More Appealing with Rubber Mulch

From landscaping purposes to a playground surface under the family jungle gym, residential rubber mulch has a multitude of uses. Best Rubber Mulch® offers a variety of colors, sure to complement your home’s exterior colors and existing landscaping. We offer easy to handle retail bags, at a fraction of the price of big box stores.

Residential Playground Surfacing

Rubber mulch is one of the safest surfacing materials for commercial and residential playgrounds. Providing fall protection up to 12’ to 16′ with 6″ depth, your kids will be able to run and play without your worrying about broken bones and serious injury due to a fall. We offer fun, vibrant colors like blue and green, adding a pop of color to your backyard playset. All our mulch is 99.9% wire free – providing your kids with a high quality, safe playground surface.

Residential Landscaping

Keep weeds and insects from ruining your yard with minimal maintenance by investing in rubber mulch for your home’s landscaping. Best Rubber Mulch® provides a high quality product, which can be used throughout your entire yard, including next to tree trunks, your home’s foundation and other wood structures. Unlike traditional wood mulch, you won’t have to worry about termites and other destructive pests causing damage to your shrubs, foundation or trees.

Poolside Rubber Mulch

Need a little something extra near the pool or hot tub deck? Add an extra splash of color to the backyard with blue rubber mulch around or leading to the pool. Rubber mulch is an excellent surface for a walkway or flowerbed or on its own as a decorative border. Check out our gallery to get ideas for poolside rubber mulch.

Buy residential rubber mulch for landscaping or playground surfacing.
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