More Testimonials

Dear Penny,
Here is the photo of our school play ground after rubber mulch covered. The kids LOVE it!

PRM Team…this turned out great! Appreciate your help.


Here is a before and after photo of our new playground with your mulch. Thanks for all your help!

Margie E
Al Azhar Foundation

Leo, I appreciate the shipment of the ballistic rubber. I have attached a picture of my shooting range with the applied rubber. My Great Nephew helped with putting this together.
Thank you again for the Great Product,
Ray C.

The rubber mulch arrived on time as promised and the kids absolutely loved it making the playground a huge hit for our adoption party!

-Ryan M

We love it!
Karen and David A

The mulch arrive yesterday and we got it installed. We love it!

K. Nelson
Penn Valley, CA

Hi Penny – I just want to thank you for all of  your help in getting the 6 pallets of rubber mulch delivered to our church playground. The way it was bagged and wrapped made for an easy transition from a local warehouse to the playground site. It is very different from the rubber mulch we had before that was much smaller pieces. I think the stuff we got from you is going to pack down very well and last much longer. I really appreciate all you went through to get it delivered so quickly. You are a gem!

Chair of Trustees

Received my mulch! I love it, however, I ordered too much! Not a problem though because I can use it other places Thank you for your help!
Have a great weekend!

DeAnne L
Washington State

Thank you Penny for your outstanding support in helping design what we needed. We love the rubber mats and the bumpers. The mats do a fantastic job of protecting the mulch under the swings and the slides. The blue is beautiful especially next to the pool. We love the safety of the soft rubber for our grandkids.

Tom Reynolds

[before_after image_before=”5780″ image_after=”5781″]

The mulch has arrived and it looks great.

David L Florida

We have recently completed the installation of the rubber mulch. Took a bit longer due to the weather and our schedules. Anyway, looks really nice and we are very pleased.

B Stalder

PS- we even had a neighbor stop by for a look and inquired.

Dear sir, or madam,

I recently had the outstanding pleasure of dealing with Ms. Penny Klein. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, warm and engaging, and very reassuring in choosing the right product for my project.

I just wanted to take a moment to send my comments regarding her performance. She is the best at what she does, and I am sure you already know that. I just thought a reminder from an uninvolved recipient of her expertise might be appropriate.

Thanks for listening,
V Walsh

As promised here are pictures of the finished project! We could not be happier.

Thanks for your help!

Brett M (Delaware)

Team Perfect Rubber Mulch, we’re so happy with the amount it covered and how beautiful it looks and we plan on purchasing another pallet to finish our yard. 🙂

North Carolina

“I got tired of constantly having to upgrade mulch or pine straw so I looked into purchasing rubber mulch. I learned that even though the upfront cost was higher the end cost would be cheaper so I jumped in. I had some questions so I called in and had a nice conversation with Leo. I ordered a pallet of red and it arrived quickly. (Under 1 week). The color was perfect. A dark red and not a bright loud red. It spread nicely and I had no color bleed on me or my clothes as there is literally none with this mulch. I am very pleased!”

Jason D.

“As a mom of 4, I was really looking for a product that would not only transform the look of my yard, but make it a safe environment for my children to play on. After extensive research, I came across this wonderful product from Perfect Rubber Mulch. I could not be happier with the outcome of our play area and the quality of this product. It’s definitely a must-have for anyone who wants a safe, durable, long lasting environment for their children.”

Whitney B.
Lexington, SC

Playground looks great. You were really nice to work with.

ILL Customer

It’s done and I love it big time! I am very pleased.
Raven B.
South Carolina

Teamwork yields a 3 hr. install. One happy crew.
First Baptist Church Bowling Green

Picture worth a 1,000 words. Thanks to the team at Perfect Rubber Mulch we have a very happy customer. Pricing and customer service…second to none!

J. Ratto Landscaping, Ltd

Thank you for working hard on making this easy for us. I guess the only thing left to decide will be Color. So I’m going to make my warden, my financial authority figure, aka: my lovely bride, call you tomorrow to settle the all so important, most decisive decision ever, as to what color we(she) wants.

Thank you so much. It is very seldom I come across enthusiastic and supportive sales persons that go the extra for a customer; and I truly appreciate it. Customer support is my number 1 reason for purchase of a product, and you have definitely given us the reason to purchase your product.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.
Asa B

Bob, thanks very much for your assistance in getting our product delivered on a timely basis!

Please know that Leo was absolutely awesome to work with! I cannot thank you enough for his quick and diligent work! St Johns is much appreciative!

Thanks Again!
Mike Wilson
St John Lutheran Church

Mulch party went great!! Everything worked out perfectly !! Thank you.

Kathie M
UT Extension-Humphreys County
Waverly, TN

Dear Leo,
I am pleased to tell you our project has been completed. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your generosity. I sent a letter to over 20 Rubber mulch companies in hopes of a possible discount on product. What I got from you was a full donation. I am honored to be displaying your father in laws name on my Gaga pit. After 11 years of scouting I am very sad to see my journey end. I have learned so many things that I hope to one day teach my own son. I learned a lot from this project but most of all I learned about generosity. Your simple act of kindness made this project all go together and if everyone in the world had your generosity the world would be a much better place.

With love from Farmington Minnesota,

Thank you for all your help. All the mulch is down and it looks beautiful. The delivery went perfectly and the mulch was so easy to spread. I had 4 bags left so the amount was perfect.
Thank You,
M Moyer

Another project completed by J Ratto Landscaping using product from Perfect Rubber Mulch.

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how positive my experience has been with your company. From talking to you, to dealing with Penny, (she’s awesome!!!) to the delivery guy, it was all outstanding.  The product itself was so easy to handle and looks perfect. Thanks so much.

Marie Fay

Here’s a pic of the playground. It looks terrific! We had to spread it a little thin in some spots, but as the budget allows, we’ll fill it in with more material.

Thanks again for all of your help! It’s always great working and talking with you!


Here is a picture of the walkway we did using your mulch. My first landscaping attempt and it turned out GREAT!

Thanks for working with us on the project and GREAT pricing.

Mike G
Hamlin, Ky

Here is the finished product.  The ramp in the foreground I built to make is safer.  Once the wood dries put I will stain it to match.  Thanks for a great product.  As a veteran, I wish I would have had this at the bottom of my repel towers!

Penny at Perfect Rubber Mulch provided a cost-effective solution for our playground project. The rubber mulch and borders are high quality and our new playground equipment looks great.

Brad Bennett, Superintendent Robein School District #85

Perfect Rubber Mulch chosen by the Iowa City parade of homes.

Another happy customer!

I purchased 8 tons of Brown Painted Rubber Mulch for a large project at our home. The ordering process was effortless, they even provided samples. Once I ordered they delivered the mulch on the requested date. The trucking firm was very cordial and helpful. The mulch was packaged in 40 pound bags which made it very easy to move and place. The mulch arrived at 10am and was all placed by 6 pm. The result was beautiful. It was a very good experience!!

J Landa   Georgia

Another happy customer!

Ballistic rubber was received on time and it’s the “Perfect Rubber” for our range and application. Will definitely order this rubber again for our October mining. Keep in touch and Thank You very much!

Al A.
Range Manager
US Border Patrol

You have made our experience with your company and just as importantly yourself, a true pleasure.  The quality of service, product and value is incomparable.  Thank you and your company for a lesson in “How it should be done.”  Your company’s product sells itself and it’s a pleasure to tell others about you.
Thank you again.
J Gilbert
Sunrise Florida

A picture is worth a thousand words….we could not be happier!
Peter Michaels Landscape Associates


I don’t know if you remember selling me 6 bags of mulch.  We were at “ground 0” during Hurricane Harvey here in Orange, Tx.  We had about 50” of rain and 3’ of water in my living room.  It’s 7 months since the hurricane and we will have our house livable again in about a month.  The only thing that survived the high water and strong current was your mulch.  All but a minute amount stayed in place in the flower beds.  The little that did wash off with the strong current was on the drive and I simply raked it up and put it back in the flower beds.  After the water went down, there was my mulch.  You couldn’t hardly tell that any was missing.  If this had been any other “woody product” mulch, we would surely have lost it all.

I don’t know how many people would buy mulch because it won’t float off in a flood but I’m glad I did.

Best Regards,

You have made our experience with your company and just as importantly yourself, a true pleasure.  The quality of service, product and value is incomparable.  Thank you and your company for a lesson in “How it should be done.”  Your company’s product sells itself and it’s a pleasure to tell others about you.
Thank you again.
Judd G.

I just wanted to say thanks!!! The rubber mulch is beautiful in my yard. It was so nice working with you. I will be spreading the word to my neighbors they are curious as to where I got it. I will also be placing another order to do some more landscaping.Thanks again!!!! Awesome beyond words!!!
Have a great day!
K Farmer

“My husband and I own Yarra Yarra Ranch in Dublin, California  We Love the Rubber mulch that we get from Perfect Rubber Mulch.  We use it in our Kraft Walker and this machine is working a lot and what we find with the rubber mulch that it doesn’t make a walking trail like sand or regular footing.  It is also is a nice cushion for the horses to walk on.  We have about 35 horses walking in this walker for about 45 mins every day.  The Rubber mulch really holds up.  We Love working with the people at Perfect Rubber Mulch.”

Carolyn A.

Just wanted to send you an email regarding the recent purchase of 40,000 lbs. of ballistic rubber mulch. Every aspect of the quote to the order processing was smooth and easy, sales and shipping staff were friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and answered their phone when I called, something I have had problems with other companies. I’m always on the wait and see side when the pricing is notably lower than competitors and due to the government bidding process, I have to use the lowest bidder. It was very satisfying to see the mulch when it got here was just what I wanted for a great price. Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you again.

Officer Mark Sandberg
Personnel and Training
Range Master
Stockton Police Department

Over the last several years we have purchased rubber mulch with three different companies. I have to say that this purchase was made easy by Perfect Rubber Mulch. I called Perfect Rubber Mulch, someone answered and immediately handled all my questions, sent me a quote and I had what I needed to process a purchase order to get the ball rolling. We are excited to get the mulch installed.

Mason County Schools

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