Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Pets?

The landscaping market is a very dynamic one, especially with the emergence of rubber mulch which has led people to ask is rubber mulch safe for pets in our homes.

I still remember when decking was all the rage, and people put wooden floors all over their patios. Then people shifted to a more natural take on gardening, and stone paved roads surrounded by lush landscapes became prominent. There seems to be no limits when it comes to making your garden look like your own vision of Shangri-La.

If you have been paying attention, you might have realized there is a new player in the field: mulch.

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Pets

We can see perfectly delimited flower beds in houses nowadays. They have these eye-catching colors produced by different kinds of mulch. They provide stability to plants, keep the soil moist, and look great.

The Emergence of Mulch

People, with pets and without, who wanted to keep weeds out also switched to mulch. It is known that it does not kill weeds that are already on the soil. But they prevent new seeds from landing, and even dry them out.
Among mulch, favorites were wood chip and pine needle mulches.

They were attractive as people wanted an organic feel on their garden. However, there were many problems with these materials. Wood would eventually rot and would have to be replaced constantly if you didn’t want that musty odor all around your house.

More importantly, they were not good on pets. Most dog owners wanted dog friendly mulch as dogs love to chew wood. They sometimes do it because they lack certain nutrients. Moreover, wood chips and pine needles would splinter and harm your curious dog if you are not careful enough. Eyes, noses, throats and paws can be all pierced by wooden chips. Moreover, there are some kinds like cocoa mulch that produce allergies.
This made people look for alternatives for a safe mulch for dogs.

Rubber Mulch – Pet Safe Mulch Ground Cover

People always ask, which is the best mulch for dogs, cats and pets in general. In our opinion, rubber mulch is the best there is making rubber mulch extremely safe for pets. It is soft, won´t chip and is non-allergenic. More importantly, dog safe mulch aka rubber mulch has great durability as they have been reported to last more than ten years without any major upkeep.

Rubber Mulch Playground for Pets

Many people would have you question these qualities. Indeed, there was a time when there was a concern about the chemicals contained in rubber mulch causing many to wonder ‘is mulch bad for dogs’. However, these concerns led to the creation of pet friendly rubber mulch. Nowadays, all of the rubber mulch used for gardening and landscaping is completely metal free, and safe to chew, making it the best mulch for dogs.

Yes, your pets will likely chew it. As they would chew wood, furniture, shoes, remotes and anything we leave lying around. Rubber mulch is safer for pets than most of these objects.

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Pets? YES!

Is mulch safe for dogs, and cats? Yes! The use of rubber mulch has other advantages as well. It is really easy to clean and won’t rot. This is especially great as pets might want to go potty on your yard or flower bed making rubber mulch safe for pets.


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