Rubber Horse Arena Footing

The surface on which your horses stand and run makes a big difference, not just in terms of how they perform, but in terms of minimizing leg injuries and reducing leg stress. With that in mind, Perfect Rubber Mulch is proud to offer a durable, low-maintenance, safe and sustainable surfacing solution — rubber arena footing. From horse stall rubber mats to equestrian rubber flooring, our 100% recycled rubber mulch provides a smart, cost-effective surface for the horses at your site. 

What Is Horse Arena Footing?

Specially designed as rubber matting for stables or shredded rubber for horse arenas, horse arena footing is a surfacing option that protects horses against injuries and cushions them as they stand and move.

Rubber Horse Arena Footing

Our rubber horse arena footing is the perfect long-lasting solution for filling horse arenas and pens. Excellent for indoor or outdoor arenas, our rubber arena footing is easy on horses’ joints, reduces dust and won’t freeze in winter. Buying bulk equestrian footing saves you money, and our long-lasting product won’t need replacing. Whether you’re looking for outdoor arena footing or indoor arena footing, our high-quality rubber footing for horse arenas is the solution.

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