Rubber Training Pits, Parachute Pits, and Rappel Towers


Manufactured for the most rigorous training conditions, rubber mulch is the leading surface of choice for safe military obstacle courses, combat training pits, and ropes courses. As the number one surface for shock absorbency, it also makes a great landing surface for parachute pits and rappel towers.

    delivery(2000 LB) Super Sack on each pallet
    delivery50 (40 LB Bags) on each pallet

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    Perfect Rubber Mulch’s premium line of military surfacing products offer an excellent solution for military and training purposes. Providing a durable surface that minimizes injury and risk is ideal for obstacle courses, training pits, parachute landing areas, and under rappel towers. Use anywhere added safety and shock absorbency is desired.

    Benefits of Perfect Rubber Mulch’s military and surfacing products include:

    • Provides softer, safer surfacing for many military and training applications
    • Made from 100% recycled rubber tires
    • Long-lasting and extra durable for any training needs
    • Cost effective solution
    • For use in military and training environments
    • Great for indoor or outdoor applications

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    (2000 LB) Super Sack on each pallet, 50 (40 LB Bags) on each pallet


    One Pallet – 2000 lbs, Two Pallets – 4000 lbs, Three Pallets – 6000 lbs, Four Pallets – 8000 lbs, Five Pallets – 10000 lbs

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