Rubber Mulch Mats

Enhance your outdoor play environment with rubber playground mats from Perfect Rubber Mulch! Our rubber mat flooring has been designed for two reasons: to prevent injury and to keep your shredded rubber mulch from displacement. Whether used strategically beneath swings or expansively beneath the whole playground, our outdoor rubber flooring is a feature that makes a play environment more comfortable, protected and resilient. For injury prevention, the 1-inch-thick rubber mulch mat provides just the right amount of cushioning to dampen a fall or hard stop. Our rubber mulch matting is also great at preventing mulch displacement, especially in high-traffic areas such as directly under a swing. When you’re looking for the best in roll-out rubber mulch, come to Perfect Rubber Mulch!

4′ long  by 3′ wide
1″ thick

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Product Info

Benefits of rubber playground and swing set mats:

  • 4′ x 3′ x 1″

  • Equipped with beveled edges to prevent tripping

  • Weighs 50lbs

Where To Use

The most obvious place where our mats come in handy is on the playground, where they add comfort and resilience to the outdoor setting. Nonetheless, they can be used anywhere that you want a more sturdy, cushioned surface. Our customers typically implement the mats in:

Commercial/residential playgrounds under swings, at the end of slides, and in other high-traffic play areas
Commercial kitchens
Anywhere employees stand for prolonged periods of time to prevent fatigue and improve wellness

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How To Use

To implement our rubber mat flooring at your site, simply:
1. Prep the Area: Sweep or shovel away a thin layer of mulch in the exact area you wish to place the rubber mat.
2. Place the Mat: Then, place the mat within the shallow opening and use some mulch to cover the beveled portion of the mat. This creates a relatively level disposition between the mat and the rest of the surfacing, which will prevent tripping.

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