Shredded Rubber Mulch

shredded rubber mulch with shrubbery

Landscape and Playground Rubber Mulch

Also known as loose fill, our shredded rubber mulch is affordable, safe, made from recycled tires, and is available in multiple colors that will last for 10+ years. This versatile product is excellent for multiple uses, including creating clean landscapes or keeping kids safe from falls on playground equipment.

We sell in units, each one comprising a 2,000 lb. super sack.  Depending on how many units you need, there are two ways to buy. Not sure how many pounds you need? Check out our easy to use rubber mulch calculator.

For orders over 8,000 lbs.
Call 312-288-8211

One of our dedicated product experts will assist you through the entire process.

For orders under 8,000 lbs.
Order Online

You are welcome to give us a call, or you can use our secure online ordering system.