Playground Rubber Mulch



 That’s why the right playground surface is so important. To keep children safe as they play,  they need the safest and most durable playground floor material that will be protecting them. They need rubber playground mulch!

What Is Playground Rubber Mulch?

Shredded rubber mulch (known as loose fill) is an economical and proven playground surface cover that cushions falls and prevents children from serious injury. Proven to be safe and resilient, rubber mulch for playground surfaces is a smart choice for any sort of outdoor soft playground flooring.

Our Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

Perfect Rubber Mulch specializes in rubberized playground flooring that helps keep children safe. Not only does our mulch offer an extra layer of cushioning beneath children’s feet, but also it stays in place. — In addition to mulch, we also offer rubber curbs and rubber mulch mats to complete your play space.

The Main Benefits of Rubber Chips For Playground Surfaces

In terms of playground flooring options, playground rubber mulch offers several distinctive advantages. It is made to cushion against falls, is non-toxic, looks attractive, lasts for years and, since it’s made from recycled tires, is good for the environment, too. More durable and safer than woodchip surfaces, rubber mulch is the way to go when you want the best mulch for playground surfaces.

How the Best Mulch for Playground Surfaces Is Made

At Perfect Rubber Mulch, our mulch is made from 100% recycled tires and comes in multiple colors that maintain vibrancy for 10 years or longer. Priced affordably and easy to order online, our rubber playground mulch ships to you quickly and conveniently. Backed by our commitment to deliver a positive experience to every customer, our products provide outstanding value.

Playground Add-Ons

Rubber Curbs

Excellent for creating clean lines, rubber curbs can be used to border playgrounds and other outdoor areas. One of the greatest advantages is that they are bendable and interlocking, giving you the freedom to create any shape for your custom project.

Rubber Mulch Mats

Add an extra level of cushion to your playground with our rubber mulch mats. They do not just protect against hard falls, they are great at preventing displacement of mulch under swings or at the bottom of slides where landing or dragging of feet typically occurs.

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