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Rubber mulch lasts longer than other types and offers many benefits as a playground material or an alternative to traditional landscaping mulch. Use our easy rubber mulch calculator to determine how much you need in your residential yard or commercial playground. Suggested depths for various uses include:

Rubber Mulch Prices

Best Rubber Mulch® offers the most affordable rubber mulch available on the market. It comes shipped to you in large 2000 pound Super Sacks or in smaller, easy to handle retail size bags, at much cheaper prices when compared to big box stores. We also offer discounts to customers who place large bulk orders.

At Best Rubber Mulch®, we have an incredibly low overhead cost, shipping to you directly from the manufacturers. We pass our savings on to our customers, providing superior rubber mulch at cost effective prices. quality and the Best Rubber Mulch® price.

The cost of rubber mulch may vary depending on your location. Find the best price on mulch for your state.

How to Measure for Mulch

The easiest way to calculate the square footage of your space is to simply break your yard into rectangles. To calculate the square footage, simply multiply L (length) x W (width) = SQFT (total square feet). As an example, let’s say the area you want to cover is 6’ by 5’. This equation would be: 6’ (L) x 5’ (W) = 30 this equals 30 square feet.

If your yard is more complex, break it into several rectangles:


You can use the sqft/pallet listed above to determine how many pallets you need. Find the depth you want and divide your square footage by the square footage listed. For instance, if you want to cover 500 square feet with rubber mulch 3.0 inches deep, take 500÷287=1.75 (rounded up to 2 pallets).

Or you can use our rubber mulch calculator. Just enter the depth, width, and length of each rectangle and instantly find out how many pounds, tons, bags, or pallets of mulch you need.

By breaking your yard into rectangles, you can easily determine how much rubber mulch you need to order for:

We offer both bulk and retail sized orders at incredibly affordable prices. With a wide selection of colors available, Best Rubber Mulch® is the one stop shop for all your rubber mulch needs.

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