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Your Resource For The Best Recycled Rubber Mulch In Louisiana

In Louisiana, rubber mulch can be used for a variety of scenarios — landscaping beauty, playground safety, softer footing for a horse riding area or arena. Perfect Rubber Mulch is your source for rubber mulch that is 100 percent recycled, sustainable, durable and attractive. Our mulch comes in various colors so you can select the hue that best meets your needs, and it’s specially designed to last 10 years or more — a landscaper’s dream. So whether you’re filling playgrounds, creating a landscaping bed, surfacing horse arenas, using rubber for military applications or other settings, you can do it with confidence when you use our recycled rubber mulch. For the best mulch in New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and beyond, let us be the provider you trust. Learn more about our mulch, which is sold in bulk, here on our website — or contact us anytime with questions.

Benefits of Buying Recycled Rubber Mulch

Whether you’re already sold on the benefits of rubber mulch or you’re new to the idea, it’s always helpful to look at the advantages that come from using this eco-friendly, nontoxic surfacing option. Consider the perks you enjoy when you choose this surface for your site:

  • Affordable prices
  • Safe, nontoxic surfacing option
  • Resistant to wind and weeds
  • Doesn’t attract termites or ants
  • Versatile uses, from military to equestrian
  • 100 percent recycled material
  • Long lasting, for 10-plus years
  • Various color options
  • Delivery straight to your door
  • Bulk order sizes

Order Your Rubber Mulch Today

From Baton Rouge to Lafayette to New Orleans, mulch is just a phone call or website order away. Because we cater to clients throughout the state at Perfect Rubber Mulch, we’re your ready resource for rubber mulch in Baton Rouge and beyond. In Lafayette? Mulch for your landscaping beds is easy to order. Need school playground mulch in Shreveport? Because our rubber mulch stays attractive for years to come, it’s a smart and sustainable solution that saves you the hassle and expense of regular replacement. Order your own mulch online today!

We sell in bulk — 2,000-pound super sacks or retail bags. Not sure how many pounds you need? Check out our easy-to-use rubber mulch calculator.

To get started, choose your color and quantity below
Each unit is a 2,000 lb. super sack
Shipping & Tax included in advertised price
For orders over 8,000 lbs. (>4 units), call 312-288-8211


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