Training Course Surfaces

Perfect Rubber Mulch’s recycled rubber mulch is the ultimate surfacing option for military and police training applications. From basic training, obstacle and ropes courses, to combat training pits; rubber mulch has been proven to drastically reduce injuries sustained during training. Its high shock absorbency also makes it a great surface option for rappel towers and parachute pits.

What is Military & Ballistic Rubber Mulch?

Military rubber offers an unmatched level of ballistic capability and durability. Made from recycled rubber tires and developed into a material that’s strong enough to withstand shoot range applications, it’s invaluable in various military settings.

Military Rubber Product Uses

Whether you’re talking about tactical shooting ranges, bullet containment systems, training pits, parachute pits or rappel towers, using rubber designed for military applications makes sense. Because it’s so resilient, shock-absorbent and totally non-toxic, it’s a dependable option for outfitting military settings and facilities of all kinds. At Perfect Rubber Mulch, our clients use our rubber mulch for cutting-edge military solutions that make a big difference in training and on the field.

Buy Ballistic Rubber Range Products From Perfect Rubber Mulch

At Perfect Rubber Mulch, all of our ballistic products are safe, clean, non-toxic and odor-free, made completely from recycled rubber tires. As the company that provides bulk rubber mulch at the best prices in the industry, we’re pleased to be able to ship anywhere you are. Our rubber is a responsible solution for shooting-range kickback and military applications. Even better, our rates help you make a sound investment that keeps saving you money over time.

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