Rubber Mulch VS. Other Playground / Landscaping Materials

Rubber Mulch offers Significant Benefits over Regular Mulch, Wood Chips, and other Surfaces

Rubber mulch is quickly becoming an industry standard as a safe solution for commercial and residential playgrounds, as well as an alternative for landscaping.

Rubber mulch offers a variety of benefits when compared to traditional playground materials. It lasts longer than traditional playground wood chips or gravel. The bright, vibrant colors don’t fade and can provide fall protection from up to 12 feet, making it an ideal playground surface.

Rubber mulch also looks great as a landscaping tool. It significantly reduces weed growth, while still allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the ground. It also keeps common garden pests from taking over your garden, without rotting, decaying or fading. Rubber mulch will last through floods and strong winds – unlike traditional mulch which often floats or blows away. Surround your trees, shrubs and flowers with bright, vibrant rubber mulch – sure to complement your existing landscaping décor.

Choose rubber mulch for residential and commercial landscaping and playground surfacing, including:


Rubber Mulch vs. Pea Gravel

Shredded rubber mulch provides a much softer, springy surface in the event of a fall on a playground when compared to pea gravel. Rubber mulch provides significantly more shock absorbance. While pea gravel will help in the case of a fall, it only provides adequate protection up to 7 feet, compared to rubber mulch which offers fall protection up to 10-12 feet. Unlike pea gravel, rubber mulch won’t compress. Pea gravel will naturally compress after constant use, forming a hard, non-shock absorbing surface which can lead to broken bones and head trauma after a fall.

Rubber Mulch also offers advantages over pea gravel in landscaping. Rubber mulch significantly reduces weed growth and retains ground moisture. There are also a wider variety of colors to choose from when you choose rubber mulch for your landscaping. Choose from vibrant blues or natural browns to complement your existing landscape design or provide a color contrast. Pea gravel is only available in its natural colors. Rubber mulch also keeps pests, like ticks and termites, from invading your garden.

Rubber Mulch vs. Pour N’ Play

Pour N’ Play provides playground with a solid surface, which also provides some shock resistance. However, after a few years of use, this material begins to lose its shock absorbency, turning into a hard surface which can lead to broken bones after an accidental playground fall. Pour N’ Play surfaces can also begin to show signs of wear and aging after constant use. Damaged areas due to UV exposure and daily wear and tear no longer provide adequate fall protection.

Rubber mulch isn’t affected by UV rays – the color stays vibrant and comes with a 12 year color lock guarantee. Our rubber mulch will look vibrant and provide superior fall protection for many years of daily use. Rubber mulch won’t freeze in winter or become scorching hot based on the season, providing year round fall protection on playgrounds.

Rubber Mulch vs. Sand

Rubber mulch offers many benefits over sand. Sand provides fall protection up to 5 feet, and will not rot. However, sand can get incredibly messy and scorching hot in the summer sun. Sand also hurts to fall on – it compacts quickly providing insufficient shock absorbency. Animals are also attracted to sand and stray animals may use it as a giant outdoor litterbox, fostering harmful bacterial growth.

Rubber mulch doesn’t attract animals and will not become burning hot after long exposure to the summer sun. Unlike sand, rubber mulch can also be washed off keeping it clean and free from bacteria. It’s virtually maintenance free and will last without compacting for many years of outdoor playground fun.

Rubber Mulch vs. Woodchips

Prior to having an alternative in rubber mulch for playgrounds, wood chips have been the go-to play ground materials for decades. However, wood  can cause painful and irritating splinters, and after frequent use, These chips compact into a hard, unforgiving surface. They also require maintenance, needing to be replaced every few years – after constant exposure to the elements, they often begin to rot and decay, making a cozy home for unwanted pests. Rubber mulch is maintenance free and lasts for many years without losing its vibrant color or rotting. Our rubber mulch also offers superior fall protection, without the risk of splinters.

For landscaping purposes, rubber mulch imitates the look of natural wood, without any of the drawbacks. Rubber mulch keeps weeds and pests at bay, while allowing water and fertilizer to permeate into the soil. During inclement weather, traditional wood mulch often gets whipped out of place by strong winds, or floats away due to excessive rain. Rubber mulch stays put, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Best Rubber Mulch® at Affordable Prices

Our mulch provides superior fall protection on playgrounds, and vibrant, fun colors. Our mulch is virtually wire free and provides incredible benefits when compared to other playground and landscaping materials. Our environmentally friendly, 100% recycled rubber mulch is a safe, appealing alternative for commercial and residential playgrounds and gardens.

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