Rubber Dog Bone Barn Pavers

Rubber dog bone pavers make perfect rubber barn flooring for horse paddock areas, saddling enclosures, wash stalls, barn aisle ways and more. Shaped like dog bones, these interlocking pavers can be adapted to almost any setting. They are made from 100% recycled rubber tires and designed to create a nice herringbone effect on a surface — whether that surface is rubber stable flooring or horse stall flooring. At Perfect Rubber Mulch, our rubber barn pavers are built to last with maximum durability and utility. We offer dog bone rubber pavers that are 112” thick, and we require a 614” x 8″ 100-paver minimum order. Get your free quote on recycled dog bone pavers today!

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Product Info

Benefits of rubber barn flooring:

  • Long-lasting color — color that will last at least 12 years!
  • Added cushion to any surface areas where used
  • Softer surface for horses or other animals
  • Interlocking dog bone tile that creates a clean, herringbone effect
  • Clean, helping to minimize airborne dust and particles
  • Material does not crack or splinter
  • Durable and long-lasting, saving you money over time
  • Requires little to no maintenance
Where To Use

Perfect Rubber Mulch’s interlocking dog bone rubber pavers are designed to provide a safer, longer-lasting alternative to the many other types of traditional surfacing materials on the market today. Dog bone paver tiles are versatile and can be used in numerous surfacing projects — including in horse stalls, barns and equestrian areas — providing a softer surface to help horses’ and other animals’ joints. Our dog bone paver tiles offer a clean look and minimize dust in equestrian areas. They are also non-toxic and made from 100% recycled rubber tires.

How To Use
  • For use in horse stalls, barns and other equestrian areas
  • Can be used in residential landscaping projects — such as along houses, as paths, borders or patios
  • Add a level of safety and a clean look to playgrounds and play areas
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