Loose Fill Rubber Mulch – Alabama


shredded rubber mulch with shrubbery

Looking for a safe, durable, attractive surface solution for your playground or landscaping beds? Come to Perfect Rubber Mulch! Our company specializes in the kind of Alabama rubber mulch that makes the ideal surface for parks, yards, horse arenas, firing ranges and more. Our mulch, in Huntsville, AL and beyond, is 100% recycled, high in quality, durable, non-toxic and attractive — available in colors like black, brown, green and red. From Birmingham to Montgomery, mulch can add style, quality and value wherever it’s placed.

Perks of Our Rubber Mulch in Alabama

Adding rubber mulch to Alabama properties is a decision filled with benefits. Consider some of the advantages that come from giving your home in Montgomery, Huntsville or Birmingham mulch made of fully recycled materials:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Non-toxic materials

  • Various color options

  • EPA-approved

  • ADA-compliant

  • Wind resistant

  • Reduction in weed growth 

  • Ideal for various locations

Order Your Mulch

When you’re looking for mulch anywhere in Alabama, Perfect Rubber Mulch is your resource. We sell affordable, safe, recycled, loose-fill rubber mulch to customers throughout the state, making it easy, convenient and affordable to find just the right mulch for you. This versatile product is excellent for multiple uses, including creating clean landscapes or keeping kids safe from falls on playground equipment. Whether you’re looking to outfit your yard, fill a playground, create a durable surface in a military obstacle course or something else, we’re here to help!

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  • Does not need to be replaced annually – color will last at least 12 years!
  • Does not erode, decompose, wash or blow away
  • Does not absorb water, so it will not freeze, and more moisture gets to your plants and soil
  • Does not harbor pests like termites, other insects, rodents, etc.
  • Does not crack or splinter, minimizing airborne dust and particles
  • Provides a softer, safer surface for your kids, pets and animals
  • Saves you money – up to 70% over just 4 years!