Ballistic Rubber Strips

Extracted from the mining and/or tire industries, our ballistic rubber strips are strong enough to stop bullets in their tracks and are also designed to allow for easier cleanouts. Whether you’re using ballistic rubber blocks at a firing range or ballistic rubber tile for a sound-suppressing floor, you have a durable, safety-promoting surface option with our ballistic blocks. This product is designed with a “Kevlar”-like fabric that’s encapsulated in the layers for maximum absorption and durability. It is resilient, shock-absorbent and completely non-toxic. For all of these reasons, our rubber strips offer superior military solutions for training facilities or on the field.

Buying from Perfect Rubber Mulch

Founded in 2006, Perfect Rubber Mulch is a family-owned, service-oriented mulch provider that makes caring for customers a top priority. When you come to us for your ballistic rubber strips, you not only get top-quality products, but you also enjoy superior service from beginning to end. Count on us for timely delivery, competitive prices and worry-free logistics.

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Product Info

Key characteristics of our ballistic rubber tile flooring:

  • Provides great sound suppression
  • Does not decompose, compress or freeze
  • Is rodent-resistant and pest-resistant
  • Reduces ricochet and dust
  • Captures bullets and increases safety of ballistic firing ranges
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
Where To Use

Perfect Rubber Mulch ballistic strips are safe, clean, non-toxic, odor-free material. It’s made from materials that will not decompose, compress, freeze. Save time and money by choosing a low-maintenance solution that will increase the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of your indoor or outdoor shooting range. Choose our ballistic rubber for your location!

How To Use
  • Add to ballistic firing ranges to encapsulate leads
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Discourages insect, rodent and other pest infestation
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