Final Score: Rubber Mulch 1 / Hurricane Harvey 0

Final Score: Rubber Mulch 1 / Hurricane Harvey 0


I don’t know if you remember selling me 6 bags of mulch.  We were at “ground 0” during Hurricane Harvey here in Orange, Tx.  We had about 50” of rain and 3’ of water in my living room.  It’s 7 months since the hurricane and we will have our house livable again in about a month.  The only thing that survived the high water and strong current was your mulch.  All but a minute amount stayed in place in the flower beds.  The little that did wash off with the strong current was on the drive and I simply raked it up and put it back in the flower beds.  After the water went down, there was my mulch.  You couldn’t hardly tell that any was missing.  If this had been any other “woody product” mulch, we would surely have lost it all.

I don’t know how many people would buy mulch because it won’t float off in a flood but I’m glad I did.

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