Riders know that equestrian arena footing can make all the difference to the health and performance capabilities of their horses. Competing horses on uneven terrain can cause additional wear and tear on ligaments, tendons and joints. Alternatively, riding horses on footing that is too deep or hard can produce bone bruises, strained ligaments and sore muscles. With these risk factors in mind, there is one clear choice for the optimal riding arena footing: Perfect Rubber Mulch.

Why use equestrian rubber mulch in your outdoor riding arena? Perfect Rubber Mulch provides low-maintenance, safe and sustainable riding arena footing that can be used for a multitude of disciplines. This long-lasting solution is excellent for use in an outdoor riding arena. It is easier on a horse’s joints, reduces dust and won’t freeze during the winter months. Whether you are interested in jumping gymnastics with your horse or want to practice the perfect 10-meter circle, Perfect Rubber Mulch horse arena footing is designed to give the support, cushioning and smooth surface that your horse needs to perform to the best of its abilities.

How can equestrian rubber mulch be used to help horses stay healthy? When used properly, rubber arena footing can help horses perform at optimal levels. The footing is uniquely designed from 100 percent scrap tires. The small rubber granules provide additional shock absorption that eases the strain on horses’ tendons, joints and ligaments. The additional cushioning within the footing makes it the ideal choice for horses that are recovering from injuries. The equestrian rubber mulch also more easily retains water than other types of arena footing. The extra water retention makes it simpler to achieve the ideal ring conditions for any type of equestrian discipline.

Riding Arena Footing That Makes All the Difference 
All too often, an indoor riding arena can become far too dusty when the incorrect footing is used. In fact, dressage footing that isn’t properly watered or dragged can easily become hard and compact. Fortunately for equestrians and their equine partners, the ideal solution now exists in the form of rubber arena footing.

Rubber arena footing can easily be used within outdoor- and indoor-riding arenas. It offers equestrians and horses a number of benefits, including:

  • 100 percent-recycled rubber is a sustainable product with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The rubber granules provide the support and shock-absorption components that are needed to enhance equine performance.
  • Barn managers can rest easily knowing that the equestrian rubber mulch is non-toxic.
  • The rubber arena footing significantly reduces dust and mud, which greatly decreases the overall maintenance of your indoor or outdoor riding arena.
  • Insects are not attracted to the rubber mulch.
  • The footing is designed to never rot or mold, nor will it freeze.

The Bottom Line: Equestrian Arena Footing Should be Made From the Best Available Product 

Horses deserve to be ridden on the best possible surfaces, which means that it is the responsibility of owners and barn managers to provide the optimal footing solution. Perfect Rubber Mulch provides a proven horse arena footing that can greatly improve a horse’s performance, while simultaneously providing the surface that it needs to support its joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. To begin the journey toward creating the best riding arena conditions for your horse, contact Perfect Rubber Mulch today.