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Top Mulching Mistakes

When you’re looking to lay mulch, you need to know the proper mulching techniques in order to avoid making major mulching mistakes. Whether you’re adding mulch to a commercial park, community garden or front yard, it’s all too easy to innocently put mulch in a bed where it ends up killing bulbs or overdoing it […]

Using Rubber Arena Footing In Equestrian Rings

Riders know that equestrian arena footing can make all the difference to the health and performance capabilities of their horses. Competing horses on uneven terrain can cause additional wear and tear on ligaments, tendons and joints. Alternatively, riding horses on footing that is too deep or hard can produce bone bruises, strained ligaments and sore muscles. With […]

Playground Safety Tips

Residential Landscape: How to Keep Dogs Out of the Garden

Dogs are great companions—loyal, cute, and great cuddlers. Unfortunately, they also have a mischievous streak that can make it impossible to keep your landscape in crisp, clean shape. And pet owners aren’t just worried about a messy yard, it’s what a dog may consume in the process. If you use small landscaping materials, such as […]

What is Outdoor Mold and Mildew and How Do You Treat It?

Lawn diseases are easy to identify, but notoriously difficult to diagnose. From yellowing dollar-spot fungus, to brown patchy grass, we’ve all seen them – but how do we prevent them? In this short guide, we will show you how to identify lawn disease, some of their root causes, and explore a few solutions.

How to Identify […]