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How To Install Rubber Mulch

Installing rubber mulch is as easy as installing traditional mulch — but with the added benefits that come from choosing a recycled material with shock absorbency, durability, and resistance to weeds and wind. Whether you’re new to rubber mulch installation or already have a rough idea of how to install rubber mulch at a […]

10 Halloween DIY Projects

Nothing says ‘last-minute’ better than Halloween DIY projects. After spending a little time on Pinterest, you’d be surprised how many common household items can be re-purposed into cobwebs, pumpkins, and other creepy décor. Check out our entire Halloween DIY board here and discover additional fun, quick, and inexpensive projects in case you didn’t have time […]

7 Upcycling Hacks for Organization – DIY

7 Upcycling Hacks for Organization

When I had to cleaning my room as a child, my brothers and I would sometimes invent little games to play while we put our toys away. We would imagine ourselves as various cartoon characters, superheroes, or Power Rangers, and our cleaning would be elevated to a heroic task. As the […]