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Playground Rubber Mulch

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  • Rubber Mulch (Loose Fill)

    Loose fill rubber mulch is the perfect affordable and safe option for your landscaping and playground needs. Our loose fill rubber mulch made from recycled tires and is available in multiple colors that will last for 10+ years. This versatile product is excellent for multiple uses, including creating clean landscapes or keeping kids safe from falls on playground equipment.

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  • Rubber Curbs

    Rubber curbs are excellent for creating clean lines in landscaping or bordering playgrounds and other outdoor equipment. Our high-quality, recycled rubber curbs are available in:

    • 4″ or 6″ heights

    One of the greatest advantages of our rubber curbs are that they are bendable and interlocking, ensuring that no matter what your needs, you can create any shape for your project. Our rubber curbs are extremely durable and versatile, offering long-lasting curbs and long-term savings.

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  • Swing Safety Mats

    Add an extra level of cushion to your playground with our swing safety mats. Designed to protect against hard falls, our swing safety mats are great for high traffic areas and will help prevent displacement of loose fill rubber mulch under swings or at the bottom of slides where landing or dragging of feet occurs. No playground is complete without them!

    • 4′ x 3′ mats for under swings and exits
    • 1″ thick
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