Staying up to date on environmental news can be a daunting task. With so much information out there about so many different topics, keeping up with it all can become a bit of a challenge. Fortunately for you, there are folks whose job it is to do just that! The internet is rife with excellent green blogs covering a wide range of environmental topics and we’re here to help you find some of the best!

The topics covered in these green blogs include things from green landscape design to environmental politics and everything in between. Add all of these blogs to your reader and you’ll definitely have your finger on the pulse of environmental issues!

1. Treehugger

Treehugger has been one of the leaders of the environmental blog world for a long time, and for very good reason. Covering everything from why fist bumps are safer than handshakes to the unintended consequences of bee killing pesticides, Treehugger prides itself in making environmental issues interesting and accessible to the average person. Its articles are straightforward, engaging, and sure to keep you coming back for more!

2. High Country News: The Goat

High Country News (HCN) is a print and online newspaper that covers environmental issues relating to the western United States. The Goat is HCN’s well-written and hard-hitting blog. If you are interested in issues related to water rights, mineral development, federal lands, or anything else happening on the left half of the continent, you’ll love the Goat. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this blog will only appeal to those living west of the Great Divide! Articles like this one, about building walkable cities, will be of interest to people everywhere.

3. Inhabitat

If green design is your thing, then Inhabitat will be right up your alley. While it can sometimes venture into non-design related topics, its claim to fame is being one of the best sources for news related to designing a more sustainable future. The blog, which is updated multiple times a day, specializes in keeping you up to date on all topics related to sustainable architecture, technology, and design. To get an idea of the kind of sustainable innovation that Inhabitat covers, take a look at this article about a space-saving house with rotating rooms.

4. Environment360

Yale University has one of the best best environmental studies schools in the country and the quality of the program comes across in its blog, Environment360. E360, as it’s often called, covers everything from environmental politics to science. For an interesting read, check out this article that breaks down the argument on whether animals should be granted legal personhood status.

5. GreenMoxie

The subtitle of the GreenMoxie blog is “conscious living for urban dwellers” and that’s a pretty great summary of what this blog covers. Off the grid living may be great for folks with a location independent lifestyle but for the rest of us, we need to make green living fit into a more urban environment. City dwellers will find information and inspiration in articles like this one about how to turn your fish tank into an aquaponics farm!

6. New York Times: Dot Earth

The New York Times’ Dot Earth blog covers environmental topics with the level of authenticity that you would expect from a publication of its stature. In the blog, Andrew C. Revkin writes about topics ranging from climate change to food politics in an interesting and engaging way. This article about recording polar bears to capture the effect that climate change is having on them is an especially good one!

7. Grist

Reaching over 2 million people each month, Grist is one of the leading environmental blogs. While it covers a multitude of environmental topics, it specializes in climate change and energy issues. Grist wants to open up the conservation about these topics and get people talking. To see just what kind of dialogue the blog inspires, check out this article (and the comments that follow) on the environmental downside of the trendy paleo diet.

8. The Guardian’s Environment Blog

The Guardian’s environmental blog does an excellent job of covering environmental happenings around the world. Whether you want to stay up to date on the latest environmental news in Indian or Indiana, the Guardian’s blog is worth checking out. This blog, written by some of the best environmental journalists on the planet, covers a wide range of topics that folks interested in the environment will want to read, like this one about the lessons learned from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

9. The Greenists

If what you really want in an environmental blog is ideas on the little things you can do to make the world a little better, The Greenists is probably the perfect blog for you. This blog is designed to give you practical tips on things you can do to do your part! From vegetarian recipes to recycling tips to green product reviews, there’s something here for every aspiring do-gooder!

10. Huffington Post: Green Blog

The ever-popular Huffington Post’s Green Blog shares everything from heavy-duty looks at environmental policy to lighthearted articles highlighting adorable animals doing interesting things. Readers will be drawn to the blog’s variety, quality of writing, and interesting and often controversial topics. Take, for example, this article about how Jesus would feel about the climate science debate.

11. Greenbiz

The focus of the Greenbiz blog is on showing the things that companies are doing (and can do!) to make their businesses a little cleaner. And we’re not talking about just traditionally green industries! Take, for example, this article about how using waterless dye can help the clothing industry use dramatically less water each year. This blog should be interesting and inspiring to anyone that wants to clean up their business, or support those who have!

12. Jetson Green

The Jetson Green blog is designed to help people live in sustainable housing, no matter what their life situation is. This blog is all about eco-friendly design for the home and features some seriously drool worthy dwellings, like this one, which is held up by salvaged tree branches! Even renters and apartment dwellers will find ideas here to inspire them to improve their space!

13. Easy Green Mom

Raising kids is hard enough but raising kids in a way that is easy on the environment is an even tougher task. That’s where Easy Green Mom comes in. This blog is all about helping eco conscious mamas find ways to reduce the impact that caring for children can have on the environment. Check out this blog for practical tips on things like washing cloth diapers and using essential oil as bug spray.

14. Green Lifestyle Magazine

Based in Australia, Green Lifestyle Magazine’s aim is to provide people with practical advice to make their life more environmentally friendly. It’s that simple! Covering everything from sustainable seafood to using greywater, this blog has something for everyone, no matter where their environmental interests lie!

15. On Earth

On Earth, published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, covers anything and everything related to protecting the environment. Issues like wildlife conservation, climate change, and environmental politics get heavy play here. This article about fracking is a great example of the kind of quality writing and reporting that On Earth provides. Check it out if you’re interested in the science and policy behind some of the biggest environmental issues on the planet.

We hope this list has helped you find some new blogs to add to your daily reading list!